2 comments on “Surrender to evil is not in God’s plan

  1. Hi Peter, an excellent post. I especially appreciated your last 2 sentences which are “spot on”. Australia is in the grip of evil and I can see the time coming when church going, religion, worship, Christianity, will have to go underground, such are the forces against them from atheism and the gay movement. I find it incredible that Parliament (not just the Govt., nor just the Opposition) was not prepared to bring in any safeguards for those of Faith. That tells me one thing – the parliament is not prepared to protect religion.

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  2. A very apposite and timely reminder, Peter. Thank you very much. I agree with Barrie, but the situation is not new. For the time being, anyway, our lives will probably not be threatened, as they are for Christians in other places. And God will give us courage and strength one step at a time as needed. But it has been a tough week, and language is being twisted to subvert freedom of speech, so we need to relearn how to use it to stand for truth.


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